Michel Thomann


Michel Thomann is a world famous master celebrity chef. He has over 40 years experience as a culinary artist, restauranteur, and is a multi award winner. Michel was recognized as a Top 1000 chef by Chef Alaine Ducasse and is a graduate of the French culinary school “Fork de France” and Academie Paul Bocuse (3 star Michelin chef).

Michel is from the Alsace region of France. He credits time spent on his grandfather’s farm for learning to work with his hands, digging in the dirt harvesting vegetables, and picking fruit only when it is perfectly ripe. He says of his passion “I talk to my food and food talks to me.” He also says: I never use a meat thermometer and I do not use mixers, machines or other fancy kitchen gadgets.” I can feel the food better when I do everything by hand, by sight and by smell.”

Michel is currently providing food heaven to elite passengers on private yachts in the Caribbean. A gregarious 56-year old with a shock of white hair, a big smile, and a suitably charming French accent, Thomann prepares five-star meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—for charter guests aboard the snazzy, Italian-built Custom Line 120 motor yacht that was delivered to her American owners just last year. As charter chef, he has a demanding job: he is on call from well before the guests wake up until after they go to sleep. He must be able to pack a picnic on a minute’s notice or provide midnight munchies for night owls. Meals provided by yacht chefs rival the very best restaurants in the world—and then of course there is the incomparable venue: dining on the aft deck alfresco under the stars in a beautiful harbor.


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